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Welcome to Inspiration and Chai, both of which will warm your heart. As we continue our journey of life and learning, we all come across challenges. This is growth and without it, what is life?




Every challenge brings its own gifts. Sometimes though it is not always easy to see those gifts at first. Suffering and wounds can blind us. We have all been there. It is at times like these that Inspiration and Chai is needed. Inspiration to soothe the heart. Chai to soothe the body.

Even during happier cruising chapters, being inspired is still a beautiful thing. It keeps us going. It reminds us of what we already know.

Inspiration and Chai is an ongoing journey. The aim of this site is to share inspirational stories and motivational thoughts and for it to reach more and more people in need, seekers on their path. It is a positive environment to revisit whenever you feel it calling. It is also somewhere for me to share my love of story telling and to share memories of life.

So please, grab yourself a warming cup of chai tea and join me for a cuppa. My personal preference is a chai latte. A soy chai latte at that, though my friend Julz does make a great one with rice milk too. I don't think it quite comes up to my version of chai though, but we won't tell her!

Welcome to Inspiration and Chai. I'll bring the inspiration. You bring the chai.

There's nothing like sharing a cuppa with likeminded people. Thank you for wandering this way.






15th April, 2014

The night is so quiet that I can hear the clock ticking on the wall. The sounds of insects do filter in from outside, yet even those are relatively quiet this evening.

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8th April, 2014

Without a doubt, the seeds we plant do have results. Whether those seeds are planted through thoughts, desires, aversions, words, or actions, we are constantly planting them. Being conscious of this is a blessing to yourself, as it ensures you do your best to plant healthy seeds, to bloom into something beautiful in your future.

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